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"We use clinical information systems and patient centered models to improve all quality measures" 


In 51 words 

As IHI Improvement Advisors and Clinical-Information-Specialists. We have a passion for Tribal Self-Governance, design thinking, behavioral economics, digital culture and of course, gamification. We work hand-in hand with organizations to improve quality measures, reduce cost and improve overall satisfaction and experience, by helping organizations obtain NCQA, Joint Commission and AAAHC accreditation. 



If we believe in the cause, we take a Tiger Team approach by assigning a group of experts to investigate and solve any technical, human or systematic issues...or just read this from Wikipedia


In 60 seconds -James

I have the awesome/rare opportunity of living in the beautiful state of Alaska with various tribal organizations in Health IT and Quality Improvement. This has allowed me to wear head phones while listening to Radiohead and developing clinical reminders, which in turn has helped these sites leverage clinical information systems, which in turn has helped them to meet their MU, HRSA & GPRA quality performance measures, which in turn has lead to more traveling,  lots of smiles and the meeting of friendly beautiful people while eating salmon.... in which I hope to make my wife Kimberly and two sons Finnegan and Reilly, proud...


ONC Health IT Fellow, ISAC Board Memeber, published authors I, II, III

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